Pregnancy Gingivitis and Its Treatment Options

It would be highly exciting time for you to be pregnant. Pregnancy triggers bigger hormonal activity in the body. This hormonal activity basically makes the body ready to give support to the new life.

But, there can be some acute dental health problems which can get triggered due to pregnancy. The very same hormonal activity can result in the bleeding gums. This bleeding is also referred to as pregnancy gingivitis, and about half of the pregnant women suffer from this dental problem.

Furthermore, the morning sickness and the brutal appetite can increase the chances of cavities during pregnancy. So, this bleeding gum problem is not what anyone would want to occur.

Pregnancy gingivitis usually occurs in the 2nd month of pregnancy, and it worsens at the 8th month. Its symptoms are:
  • Reddish gums
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Gum bleeding as a result of brushing or flossing

Although pregnancy gingivitis is the acute problem, it needs to be treated while it’s reversible. If it is not taken care of, it can turn into periodontitis which is not only dangerous for the gums but it can also damage the bone which holds the teeth. Hence, periodontitis is the irreversible problem which you would really want to avoid.

To control things ahead of time, you can identify early signs and visit the dentist. Those early signs include:
  • Toothache
  • Loose tooth
  • Unwanted and unusual growth in the mouth
  • Any other signs of unhealthy gums

How pregnancy gingivitis occurs
Mouths have complex ecosystems working inside them. This ecosystem also includes the balance which is created due to interaction of immune system with the bacteria in the mouth. Pregnancy can result in the extra production of progesterone which can disturb the balance.

It is worth mentioning here that progesterone helps in maintaining blood sugar in pregnant women. It also helps in better sleep and lowering anxiety level. But it also enhances bacteria growth in the mouth. According to what scientists believe, this serves as the major reason for occurrence of pregnancy gingivitis.

Another harm that progesterone can deliver is that it can suppress the immune system’s response, making it quite easier for the bacteria to do what they do best. So, you may get the pregnancy gingivitis started before you even realize that something is going wrong.

Treatment and prevention
Removal of plaque and bacteria helps in dealing with this acute problem. Hence, you will be able to control the gum inflammation. Your dentist would be able to help you with that. It also means that you might have to consult the dentist more than the normal routine. And you might also have to bring home some new tools to ensure proper cleaning of your teeth and gums. One thing worth mentioning here is that whether you have pregnancy gingivitis or you just want to prevent it from happening, the perfect technique of brushing and flossing is the best thing you can adopt to stay away from the harm’s way.


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